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Sevstian Grateria
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Sevstian Grateria has a long history. Literally and Figuratively. With his care for his past self as of present, he himself has forgotten most of it. Some major points however, is his affiliation with the guild called The Companions. As is customary to members of the Circle, he partook in the ritual of Beasthood. After years of having the blood of the beast, he realized the consequence of never being able to enter Sovngarde, a Nord's dream. Soon after finding a possible cure, he gladly accepted, not knowing the stranger had different plans. The cure was not proper, as it replaced his beasthood with something more devastating. Vampirism. A special kind from one of the oldest vampires, however not affiliated with Harkon of Volkihar. Several years have passed, and he has seen his own family die before him due to a bandit raid on his home. Several more has allowed him to learn the way of the Thu'um. His new ageless body gave him perks as well as weaknesses. Now his intentions are unknown, as he seems to take little interest in the affairs of mortals, but has taken part in the war in skyrim, siding with the Stormcloaks...


Misc Info:

- Is a Nord Vampire

- Had a family, a Breton Wife named Aesila Leotuceius and a son named Hemgr. Both were kidnapped from a bandit raid, then killed a day after. Sevstian was the only survivor, of both sides.

- Hates wolves due to his werewolf past.

- He has a strong fondness for deer, as he and his father when he was a boy enjoyed the wilderness of Skyrim, and often watched the animals. One type were deer or elk.

- Due to mods, he is a Werewolf-Vampire Hybrid, but I left that out when the mod I used wouldn't work.

Based On
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: No
Are Mods Used
: Yes

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: PC