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"How hard can it be? I've seen these idiots, and none of them are any special. I can do it. They have never had to serve drinks while dodging groping hands, always smiling and never spilling their beer: I have. And it takes a lot more strenght and willpower than swinging an axe does."


Tired of serving drinks and avoiding pinches and so-called compliments, Aamu decides she's built for more. The small village of Falkreath is just the starting point for her; a base where she can learn to fight and survive in the wilderness. If the men she's had to put up with all her life can do it, she can definitely do it too -- and she has to, because like hell she's going to ask any more help from any of the horn dogs that call themselves the village guards. It will take time, but she's ready for it; she will, no question, become an adventurer whom even the dragons fear.

Based On
: No
Are Mods Used
: Yes
: PC